New year, new team spirit!

Ladies 1st away Vs Barts (BUCS match)

7th February

We set off for Bethnal Green Leisure centre (which apparently had a shallow end YES) the Sunday afternoon for a 6:30pm match. With Lizzie as our driver we made our way to the Capital.

Sara, Cara, Emily and Hana our lovely freshers were playing the waving game out the window. On the drive, DISASTER STRUCK – Lizzie screamed “OH NO, I’VE DROPPED MY ALMOND”! She then had to carry on eating her dried mango instead… The tour to the leisure centre took us past many hospitals, Alex F and Lizzie decided to have a heated debate about private and non-private hospitals, Jo joined in and was in awe of the hospital dedicated to eyes.

We arrive to the terrace house leisure centre with a grand entrance, spiral staircases and marble floors. We got changed and headed onto pool side to be greeted by a 33m pool with a shallow end. The rope was placed on the 25m mark which meant that everyone could stand up except me.

The game started with a beautiful first quarter ending 3-0 to us, with goals scored by Lizzie, Shitbadge and me. The second quarter proved to be slightly more of a struggle with a 0-0 draw. At half time, the mood of the game changed totally. Barts started this quarter angry. Their coach shouting to get the ball to their number 3, which scored 4 out of their total 5 goals. Their change in mood startled us and we started to play angry too. The 3rd quarter ended 4-5 with 4 goals from Barts and 2 goals, one from Lizzie and one from Jo.

We needed one last push, after a solid team talk we decided we all needed to calm down and play our game, SUWPC polo style. All the girls took 3 deep breaths and we all decided to face the final quarter head on.

With 2 amazing goals from Jo we managed to end the game 7-6. Alex Foden in goal played an incredible game and TJ managed to drown in Pitt and completely block out their main centre forward!!!

I really believe that this was the best game we have played all season, they were a very similar standard team and it was so great to beat them. A massive well done as well to Emily and Cara for this being their first 1st team game, in which they both played fantastically.

Massive win for the girls! So proud of everyone!!!

Polo love ❤kjkj

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