A Bone Breaking Battle

12 Ladies turned up for an 8pm start – our best turn out of the season might I add! A very strong team with the lovely Yas there as coach! Lighty managed to turn up with her speedy swimming after a long weekend of winning lots of LAX matches!

The first quarter started and immediately Lighty and Shitbadge got two goals in. Marjons got a counter attack, Alex went to save the goal…. And she dislocated her thumb!!! The game stopped, Alexs thumb was pretty much hanging off, BUT SHE SAVED THE GOAL, ABSOLUTE TROPER.

Lizzie offered to take the little trooper straight to A&E and she went straight for an X-ray and got bandaged up. Here she is giving a massive thumbs up for Polo and for our win!!

Alex was sorted out by Lizzie and Emily and the game carried on. The second quarter was great with goals scored by Jo and Hana (WOOOOO) and Marjons scoring one.

The third quarter saw goals from Catherine (WOOOO), Lighty and Jo!!

Heading into the final quarter, we decided to try and play a little less scrappy as directed by the fabulous Yas. This worked an absolute treat!

We ended the game with a FABULOUS 10-3 BUCS WIN!!!

Well done everyone!! It is so amazing to see everyone improve each week! Well done to the new girls scoring some amazing goals in this match.

Man of the match is going straight to Alex F who managed to go to extreme and dislocate/basically break her thumb so she could save a goal!!!

Well done everyone!

Polo love ❤knhihji

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