Barts Round 2!

After making it through Round 1 with a 10-3 win against Marjons, we decided to replicate our score once again in Round 2 with an amazing 9-3 win against Queen Marys/Barts on home turf which has put us straight into the semi-final round robin and ONE OF THE TOP 8 TEAMS IN THE COUNTRY! Wooohooo!!


After a very very late arrival (8:40 for an 8pm start….) from Barts we knew that they could only be underprepared for a game against the biggest girls. With a 50 minute warm up/full training session the game began at 8:50pm with WonderWoman Yas reffing for us!


The first quarter started, we were attacking the shallow end which was a struggle for both teams. Everyone was full of energy, defending hard and attacking as fast as dolphins can swim meaning the first quarter ended 1-1 with an amazing goal from Lizzie.


The 2nd quarter began after a swift team talk and we headed off to the deep end. With two beautiful goals from Emily and Myself we managed to end the second quarter one goal ahead with the score 3-2.


Heading into the second half of the game we knew this was our opportunity to smash it. Barts had only bought 7 players with them so we knew from this point we had a huge advantage!! The third quarter was the same again, we ended with a 2-1 lead with a goal again from Lizzie and a goal for Catherine, who scored for her boyfriend who was watching (he can come again thankyou). The score at this point was 5-2, a very comfortable lead!!!


The final quarter started, Barts were exhausted, even their number 12 had stopped kicking Caitlyn and they gave us some great opportunities for a counter attack. WE ABSOLUTELY SMASHED THIS QUARTER! We ended the game 9-3, getting 4 goals in the final quarter. Caitlyn made her debut and score 2 goals, one straight after another and Emily and I also managed to bag ourselves another!!


An amazing game with an amazing result! Huge congratulations to Shitbadge who only let in 3 goals in the whole game!! Our back-up goalie really is very very very good in goal!!! Huge thank you to Blind for stepping in at the last minute!!


Roll on the Semi -final round robin!!

Polo love ❤


Gorgeous Goals                                                             Naughty Majors

Emily – 2                                                                          Me – 1 (Oooops)

Lizzie – 2

Caitlyn – 2

Me – 2

Catherine – 1

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