Thrown in the Deep End

Report by: Alexandra Ainscow (Ladies’ 1sts Captain)

Game: Southampton vs. Barts and The London (30/10/16)

Sunday afternoon we set off at 3.30pm, and despite assuming that 2.5 hours was enough time to get to London, I was wrong (sorry Shitbadge – you were right). We arrived and within the minute were in the pool, with everything that was planned for the match thrown out the window all we could do was swim for our lives.

The first quarter was messy and we were stressed from rushing. Barts scored some goals – while half our team were still parking the minibus (shout out to Emma, big vehicle driver extraordinaire). Despite this though, we were faster and stronger that Barts, just making many a mistake.

The second quarter we got our shit together and won the quarter! (probably). Balls found the net but due to the 5 minute quarters (as we were so late) our streak was over too soon!!!!!! I did however score the sickest backshot I’ve ever done (probably). [Gonna need some witnesses to this grandiose statement -Phil]

In the zone for the 3rd and 4th quarters we saw a textbook lob from Shitbadge and a neat little goal from Alice D and we came out smiling. Having never played together as a team properly we really learned a lot just in one game and we’re ready for our next game – bring on Wednesday!

The drive home was punctuated by a solid McDonalds stop, some world class traffic light game playing from TJ and a top playlist from Alice G. So proud of the girls it’s gonna be a great year!!!

Goal Scorers:

  • Alex – 2
  • Shitbadge – 1
  • Alice D – 1


  • Kim – 1

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