A Gallant Effort

Report by: Alexandra Ainscow (Ladies’ 1sts Captain)

Game: Southampton vs. Exeter (2/11/16)

The girls arrived keen to gain more experience and learn as they played. With some of my girls only having played polo for 3 weeks, they were fresh but enthusiastic. The first quarter started slowly with Exeter scoring however many goals from counter attacks and goal hanging (cool tactic……) and our girls getting slightly overwhelmed. Coming into the second quarter our defence started to come through, and we held off their arc many times and very successfully! But they continued with their counter attack and goal hanging tactic, which really earned my respect as you can tell.

The third quarter some really good polo came out of Southampton. I saw arcs, I saw some wings and I saw many shots being taken! The girls’ confidence was growing but at a slow rate of acceleration thanks to Exeter’s GB goalie. Nevertheless the skills and the confidence were there from Southampton, and going into the final quarter I couldn’t have asked for much more from my girls. I’m so proud of the polo you played and of you girls! We didn’t give up, despite an obviously unfair pairing of teams – who I’m glad took the opportunity to let some of their weaker players develop themselves….

The score is irrelevant, I saw my girls playing some great polo and we’re gonna keep it up this season! Well done girls!

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