A First for the Seconds

Report by: Hana Ellingham (Ladies’ 2nd Captain)

Game: Southampton Ladies’ 2nds vs Cardiff Met Ladies

Looking not so fresh at 7:45am, the girls seconds congregated on the red brick, ready to play their first ever game. After a short wait for a ‘not-hung-over-only-carsick’ Lauren Ryder (partying at switch til past 3am), we were chauffeured by our own personal driver/coach Philthy Phil to the not so distant land of wales.

After a nap, a speedy 5min warm up and a cheeky pep talk, we began to play. Within the first minute after a super fast sprint from Dana and Lauren, a beautiful goal was scored by Dana Low starting the game winning.

Unfortunately that was the last point in the game we were ahead- the claws came out (LITERALLY) as shown by the scratch marks on many of the girls.

The counter attack was brutal.

Lauren Ryder, beautifully assisted by cecilia, scored straight into the upper left corner. This was shortly followed by another goal by Dana.

The first quarter ended 3-5 to Met.

The rest of the game followed- boobs were grabbed, the ref was flashed, we were scratched, hair was grabbed and all of us were kicked. But such is life in polo.

The game ended at 21-3 but all the girls played extremely well especially considering it was 6 of them had never played before and we played their first team with 2 national players in it.

Special mention to Lily who bravely took an elbow to the face and Cecilia who played with crippling cramp.

Phil’s player of the match: Lauren Ryder


  • Lauren Ryder: 1
  • Dana Low: 2

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