2nds (aka. Southampton’s 1.5 team) vs. Gloucester

Report by: Alice Gordon (Ladies Second Team Captain).
Game: Southampton 2nds vs Gloucester 1sts (26/11/ 17).

Slight anticipation for the girls as they stepped up to see the same faces who had beat them a week earlier.  However, a glimmer of hope arrived when first team players Alice D, Lauren R and Hana E announced they had their kit and were eager to play!

Alice D quickly pushed off the wall after hearing the familiar sound of the beginning whistle securing a great start from the girls.  Unfortunately, after a goal attempt, Gloucester were fast onto the counter-attack, with an exceptional goal (albeit from their goal hanger, number 6, who proceeded to score the next nine goals consecutively).  The story repeated itself for the remainder of the quarter, unfairly leaving the girls without a goal.

After a quick team talk and the decision to try for a better arc, Anton stepped up to be the coach.  He offered some great advice and suggested passing to Cecilia F because her movement into space had been excellent.  Soon enough Emma C scored giving the girls something to cheer about.  Now our name was on the scoreboard, motivation kicked in and the game reached a faster pace.  The defence was much improved, allowing only half of the goals of the first quarter from Gloucester; Ellie N and Emma C even got majors for some feisty pit work!

During the third quarter, the girls had a eureka moment when realising Alice D was, in fact, left-handed, leading to two goals from her! YAY!  However, simultaneously to the second goal, Lauren R rushed out the pool with a bleeding mouth after being punched in the face by one of the Gloucester players.  Not such good news 😦

The final quarter followed that of the first with more goals from Gloucester.

Despite a defeat, the second team really showed improvement from their first match.  Their confidence was shown in a stronger defence, as well as belief in their attack.  Alice G was a very proud captain indeed (lol really, I am writing this report after all).

Dick of the Day:
The Gloucester girl who punched Lauren in the face giving her a bleeding mouth.

Woman of the Match:
Emma Critchley

Alice Davis- 2
Emma Critchley- 1 (scoring in 2/2 matches!)

Majors Queens:
Ellie Nuttall- 1
Emma Critchley- 1

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