Girls 1sts put up their best fight yet!

Report by: Alex Ainscow (Ladies’ 1st Team Captain)
Game: Southampton vs. UCL (29/11/17)

Last Wednesday saw the girls feeling confident against UCL with a strong team, lots of subs and our most recent addition – Mikey the coach, the best thing to happen to the girls’ team since sliced bread. We started the game strongish with 1 goal from Mary to their 4 (as promised we’re starting to shake off our classic 1st quarter failures).

But the next quarter was set to be better as we would now be shooting in the deep end. And boy was it! We scored 4 goals and so did they, we drew a quarter!! Alex taking 1, Cara grabbing another and Alice Davies sneaking in 2!! We WON the 3rd quarter with Kirsten matching their one goal and Alex taking another, could we possibly take a win?? Unfortunately, the last quarter wasn’t the one for us, with Alex scoring 2 and UCL, unfortunately, scoring 5. With barely any time to go, however, we saw an absolutely BLINDING goal from halfway from Kirsten! Mikey told us we’d score last and score last we did!!! Stealing the show with that goal we felt like we’d won anyway! Final score: 10-15 A DAM GOOD EFFORT!!

Man of the Match: Kirsten for a goal any of the boys would kill to have scored.


Alex threw up in the pool (new tactic??)

Mary didn’t get any majors

Emma got her first 1st team goal!! (not sure when though because the boys missed it on the match sheet……………..)

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