Surrey Tournament 2017 OUR BEST PERFORMANCE IN 1.5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

Report by: Alex Ainscow (Ladies’ 1st Team Captain)

Following on from Wednesday outstanding performance, 10 of our finest girls hoped in the bus to get to Surrey joined by SUWPC Ladies’ Team’s no. 1 fan/ cheerleader/stand-in coach Harrington, plus our real qualified coach Mikey.

We arrived nice and early (classic) and had lots of time to get in the zone, remember how shot clocks work and eye up Surrey, who we were playing first. After Surrey, we had Kings to play, and LSE didn’t show up after hearing how good SUWPC is at water polo.

Surrey game:
Overall the game was intense, there was plenty of wrestling going on, Soton girls’ boobs were exposed, someone from Surrey decided their head was a weapon, and Mary had had enough and took out their goalie with a backshot from about 1cm in front of the poor girl, who had to get out as her nose was bleeding! (Fair play to her for getting back in next quarter!!) The game saw 1 goal from Buller in the 1st quarter, 1 from Alex in the 2nd and 2 from Alex in the 4th. Unfortunately, Surrey also scored 13 so we did not win that one but we played awesomely and we were ready for the next game…

Kings game:
Spoiler: WE DIDN’T LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game started STRONG with us winning the 1st quarter and feeling veeery confident about the rest of the game! 2 goals to Alex, 1 to Mary, 1 to Kim and 1 to Alice Davies. Kings scored 2. The 2nd quarter saw 3 goals from Alex, winning the foul outside 5m and just going for it cause why not, and Kings scored 4, still leaving us up 8-6. It was close, it was tense, we were tired, Kings were not. The 3rd quarter wasn’t great for us with 0 goals and Kings scoring 2.. leaving it 8-8. The final quarter was an absolute stunner with every girl in the pool (Kings too) putting their heart and soul into the beautiful game, both teams scoring 1 each leaving the final score at 9-9, A DRAW!!!!! As soon as the final whistle went both teams were extremely happy with the result and there were high fives and hugs all round – lovely to see!!

Super performances both games: Hana and Emily STRONG in defence as always! Alice Davies getting back in the pool despite her face being knocked out of shape, EVERY girl talking to each other and really acting as a team!!!

Player of the Match: Esme for OUTSTANDING goalkeeping, taking on the role of TJ and eating a chilli on the way home.

May we continue the good work and win against Barts on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!

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