Another Win for the Ladies’ 1sts!

Report by: Alex Ainscow (Ladies’ 1st Captain)
Game: Southampton vs. Barts (06/12/17)

Following on from their best performance ever in Surrey the girls were quietly confident for this match (spoiler: rightly so cause we won)

The first quarter saw Mary score in the first minute (strong) but we actually lost that quarter 1 – 2 (but who cares cause we won the game)

2nd quarter saw goals from Alex and Alice D and a fantastic shot from Hana finishing the quarter 4-3 up (we won that quarter like we won the game)

3rd quarter we ended up 5-5 (just to give Barts a chance before we won) with just 1 goal from Alex in that quarter And the final quarter we brought it home, cheered on by the boys, backed up with some fantastic saves from Esme we saw the game out with the final score of 9-5 with goals from Alex, Alice G, Ellen and a great display with a shot from Alex – rebound – shot from Ellen – rebound – shot from Hana – GOAAALL!!!

Alex cried and the 1sts saw their first (of many) victory in 1.5 years.

Man of the match – Mary for being a demon with a sneaky quick goal and then a solid performance in defence from there.

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