Another Good Start

Report by: Phil King

Game: Southampton Women’s 1st vs UCL Women’s 1st

Score: 18-9

Date: 16/10/19

Executive Summary
So, the first BUCS Wednesday of the year for SUWPC has brought a double-W for the club. The ladies played UCL and walked away with a 18-9 win.

The Actual Game
Arriving at UCL’s pool, the girls looked extremely professional. Every member, old and new, proudly dressed in a SUWPC costume; a professional photographer to capture their beauty; and one lone fan – who had nothing better to do than come and watch – joined them.

After a warm-up and team talk from new captain Emma, the game started. SUWPC won the swim-off and quickly set out to continue their successes from last year. This success came quickly as Esme scored the first goal of the season – after being a keeper, a proud moment occurred when she realised it wasn’t in the back of her net! Fresher Naomi furthered this with 2 quick goals back to back. The quarter ticked on with a well-shaped attack and strength in defence. In defence, Rhia obtained the clubs first major of the game (not going to rip into you here as the Speed Dating report does that enough **part of recommended reading for the week**). Emma scored one more goal before the end of the quarter and Char also received a major. Q1 ended 4-0 to the girls.

Skipping forward to just over 2 minutes into Q2, Char scored to make up for her earlier exclusion. Hana scored her first goal soon after and Naomi once again (twice) helped build SUWPC’s lead. In defence, there was a tight press being played with the occasional drop onto the pit. In goal, Meg made several fine saves in the aim to entice her boyfriend to come to watch more matches. A questionable back pass didn’t help this attempt however as the ball trickled past the goal line… UCL scored with 5 seconds left of the quarter. Q2 ended 9-5.

Troubled by her boyfriend potentially being concussed (rugby injury whilst playing for Solent); Char was wrapped for having more important things on her mind than listening to the referee. This led to a penalty for UCL. Their number 13 scored… (Mikey, please teach Meg about penalties at some point). Esme scored her third goal of the game. Dana scored two goals in quick succession, forcing the match sheet to finally recognise her hard work throughout the game. The quarter ended with a goal from fresher Adele, who celebrated this success with a trip to the Palace of Dreams with the boys and Rhia to celebrate the successful day. This is the behaviour that I like to see from members of the club! Q3 ended 13-7.

Q4 started with a fourth swim-off win. Despite a quick swim, the girls slowed down their attacks to see out the game with a win. Dana, Naomi, and Hana added to their goal tallies throughout this quarter. The last play of the game was a SUWPC attack. Playing the ball up from the back, Emma eventually received it and shot. She scored and this ending her first game as captain with a win. Final score 18-9.
A McWin was of course needed to celebrate this success. Whilst the girls and their fans travelled to Waterloo for a McDonalds, the boys played their game. After taking over McDonald’s, burgers were ordered and enjoyed. The boys proposed a night at Jesters which generally was declined, and a sleepy train journey home followed.

The girls played very well – were strong in defence with very few defensive errors. Attacks were executed and most of the girls scored. A great start to the season which looks very promising.
Honourable mentions to the two Freshers – welcome to SUWPC. Meg’s boyfriend for coming being the club’s paparazzi. Ex-Pres Phil for not really leaving the club despite graduating.


Naomi. Top goalscorer and won all the swim offs.


The ref who wrapped Char.

Team (goals):

Meg Morecroft

Emma Critchley (2)

Emily Pearce

Hana Ellingham (2)

Naomi Vides (7)

Rhia Perks

Adele Potts (1)

Dana Low (3)

Char Davis (1)

Esme Poole (3)

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