A Good Start

Report by: Alex Wilmshurst

Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs Aberystwyth Men’s 1st

Score: 16-1

Date: 16/10/19

SUWPC welcomed our furthest away competition in our opening home game of the 2019/2020 BUCS season. With some fresh faces gracing the squad, the boys were eager to get their season going.

Not much was known about Aberystwyth, other than its impossible to spell and is a four hour drive away. The boys came into the game sceptical of how tough the game would be. Some scouting and intel gaining was performed by Miro M and Sam P before the game into their tank of an ex-captain. He was bloody huge. Think of three Pinas in a trench coat big. This put some dread into the heart of the boys on their walk to the pool.

Once at the pool, we met the opposition and started to prepare for the game. Due to the strong influx of freshers this year, SUWPC men were able to bring 13 players to a game for the first time whilst I’ve been here.

After a brisk warm up, the game was ready to start. The starting 7 contained 3 freshers, who all were out to impress. Goals in the first quarter came from Sam Wilmshurst, a classic counter attack and shot across goal from the left wing, Sam Dalton and our new TJ, Vinnie B. The quarter ended 3-0, with SUWPC in high spirits but conscious of missing chances.

The pattern of missing chances continued in the second quarter when we first got to attack the deep end. Only one goal was scored in the second quarter coming from SUWPCs resident pensioner, Johnny G. I was absolutely dire in front of goal and annoyed Sam P for not passing when he was in good positions. But, you know, you live and you learn. Not as bad as Sam D who missed a penalty though. The quarter ended 4-0, with new coach Mikey handing out some tips to actually get the ball in the back of the net after the display he just saw.

The third quarter is when SUWPC really grew into the game. With Aberystwyth starting to tire, the boys put on the after burners. A hat-trick of goals in one quarter from Miro G, showcasing his impressive shooting and showing Dalton how to take a penalty. The fourth goal came from Mr Paddlefest himself, Will S, after Sam D hit the bar from 1 metre out in the shallow end, he pushed the ball in the back of the net. Aberystwyth did manage to notch their only goal of the game this quarter, after a defensive switch off, in an otherwise very solid defensive performance from the boys. Also, Sam W tried a lob shot in the shallow end and it got saved. There is a running bet between him and the captain, that for every lob shot he misses he has to sink a pint at the next social. If he scored Bragg sees one off. Could be interesting.

In the final quarter, SUWPC just went to town. Doubling the amount of goals they had already scored that quarter. Two more for Miro G, one for Mr President, one for captain Bragg, another for Vinnie and the OAP, and two for the Mexican. Both of the little man’s goals came when he was playing pit attack against the big boy on the other team, which is pretty impressive for someone who has to put cotton wool in his shoes at theme parks.

SUWPC were then treated to a song and a dance by the Aberystwyth boys and they joined us to Stags after as well. Spirits were also lifted even higher after hearing of the girl’s success in London. Watch out for that match report from one of our ex-presidents with a receding hairline (I’ll let you guess which one).

Honourable mentions also go to the other boys who played:

Back from a year hiatus Jake Mean.

Gracing us from the streets of Athens Kostas Prentzas.

The bomb from Bulgaria Miro Milanov.

Skinny man who chats rubbish Oli Dean.


There were many contenders for this after such a strong performance, but Miro G will have to take the crown this time by scoring over twice as many goals than anyone else.


Was a close one between Dalton and myself. However, Dalton did actually manage to get the ball in the net, and because I’m so humble, I’ll take it.


Will Sparrow – 1

Sam Wilmshurst – 2

Miro Georgiev – 5

Sam Dalton – 1

Tom Bragg – 1

Vinnie Banacale – 2

Johnny Glenny – 2

Sam Pina – 2

Will Bowden – 1


Will Sparrow – 1

Tom Bragg – 1

Sam Pina – 1

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