Kings vs Queens (End of the Season Pt. 2)

Report Author: Rhia Perks

Game: Southampton Women’s vs King’s College London

Score: 4-17

Date: 08/03/2020


The second match of the day (!!) and a group of 8 exhausted girls were ready to face Kings for our evening game at home, joined this time by a fresh-faced Esme, some loyal supporters, and a much better table than they faced in London – if I do say so myself. The girls were undoubtedly tired from their fast-paced match earlier that day, but still put up a pretty good fight. It was the last match of the season, and last time Emma, Meg and Helen would play for SUWPC. The chance to move up the league table was also at stake, but unfortunately it just couldn’t be done, although that’s hardly surprising considering it was such a long day. Even KCL pitied our team afterwards, saying they felt bad for playing so brutally after such an effortful day for Soton.

The first quarter was close. It began with a quick goal from KCL’s number 10, who will probably feature a lot in this report, being responsible for almost half of their goals. Following a blue major, Emily Pearce managed to secure the first SUWPC goal of the evening, and her second of the day, with a very clean shot, putting them 1-1. Unfortunately, this was swiftly followed by a major from our very own captain, Emma Critchley. More unfortunately, she didn’t realise and kept playing, giving her a second major and granting a Kings penalty, all within the first four minutes of the game. After Kings scored their 1 vs 1 with Meg, they took the lead 2-1. Natalia also managed to receive her first major of the day – silly fresher. The quarter finished with a goal from blue 10 (one of many), and a goal from Emma – redeeming her slightly from two majors within two minutes. We also got to hear Kings chant – “They’re pulling! They’re pulling!” – I can’t say it’s surprising that the Soton girls managed to pull, and if you’ve seen them then you’d understand, so frankly I don’t know what she expected. The quarter ends 3-2.

The second quarter was a bit slower for Soton. Kings managed three goals and a major in five minutes, with SUWPC falling slightly behind at 2-6. However, Abbie managed to pull us back by scoring her second goal of the day – very impressive for a fresher who claims she can’t shoot. It almost redeems her for yet another notorious panic pass. Almost. With less than a minute of the quarter to spare, Emma landed herself a third major, taking our captain out for the second half of the game, leaving us with one sub. The perfect role model for our freshers, and an excellent way to end her final game in club colours. Shame it had to end 15 minutes before everyone else’s. The quarter ends 3-6.

Quarter three was the lowest point in the game. Within 30 seconds, Abbie lands herself a major – luckily Tom was on poolside to tell her where to go after she tried to swim to the wrong corner, following in Gemma’s footsteps earlier in the day. The following 6 minutes were pretty dismal as we watched Kings score one goal every minute – number 10 was responsible for half of these too (shocker). We also experienced a confused Kings player shouting “it was ball under” after she committed the offence herself – honesty is indeed the best policy. Later in the quarter, we once again watched Meg take over from Char as our resident scuba diver, with yet another opposition player trying to force her to the bottom of the pool. Char has a snorkel if you need to borrow it. The quarter ended 3-12.

Fourth-quarter was another L for Soton. King’s number 11 picks up one goal and one major within thirty seconds, followed by Soton’s 11, Char Davis, picking up a goal of her own. Something in the hat number. Char also received praise from the ref during the game for putting her arms up to show there was no foul, despite a Kings player seeming determined to drown by her own free will. Each to their own. This was followed by four more Kings goals, with half again coming from number 10. The game ends 4-17. They didn’t even get to drown their sorrows with a McLoss. It was a pretty emotional finish – not because of the L, but because we had to say goodbye to 3 of our lovely ladies. With a group hug and a sobbing Meg, the whole team (except Esme – traitor) headed over to Stags for a celebratory pint and a good ol’ farewell (at least until training on Wednesday).

Overall, the girls smashed the whole day, regardless of what the match sheet says. All of their supporters were mega proud. Good season gals – bring on next year.

Man of the Match

Megan Morecroft – she saved some vicious goals today (and always) and has done us all proud as goalie this year!

Mug of the Match

Easily goes to Emma Critchley for getting wrapped before the end of the second quarter. Poor form.


Name – Goals/Majors

Meg Morecroft – 0/0

Emma Critchley – 1/3

Emily Pearce – 1/0

Helen Davey – 0/0

Gemma Lawrence – 0/0

Natalia Tsouka – 0/1

Abbie Turner – 1/1

Esme Poole – 0/1

Char Davis – 1/0



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