Report Author: Lottie Ratledge Game: Southampton Women vs Plymouth Location: Plymouth Life Centre Score: 4-14 Date: 26/02/23 Here at last! Southampton’s women’s final water polo match of the season (unbeknownst to them at the time) against Plymouth University in the National Trophy quarter-final! Tired from a match the day before but excited the upcoming game, the girls met on campus to being the long 3 … Continue reading Ply-Mouthy

ABBA(rystwyth) aren’t singing

Report Author: Katie Smith Game: Southampton Women vs Aberystwyth University (National Trophy) Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 24-2 Date: 01/02/2023 It was the second game of the national trophy, and a full team of keen Southampton girls began to warm up at our beloved Jubilee pool. We were indeed very warm as there was a crash on the motorway which delayed half of the Aberystwyth … Continue reading ABBA(rystwyth) aren’t singing

I Don’t Know About You, We’re Scoring Twenty-Two

Report Author: Tilly Phillips Game: Southampton Women vs Marjon (National Trophy) Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 22-4 Date: 7/12/22 It was the first game of the National Trophy and a team full of far too many freshers piled into the Jubilee Sports Centre. Marjon pitched their play-under-protest form due to our shallow end not being deep enough, but captain Katie was still looking confident and … Continue reading I Don’t Know About You, We’re Scoring Twenty-Two