Swan-see ya later

Report Author: Michael Scott Game: SUWPC Men’s 1s vs Swansea Men’s 1s Score: 8-9 Date: 02/03/22 This match was only the second of the New Year for Southampton’s biggest of boys and they walked into it knowing that it would be a critical game to assess their performance prior to several future matches that will happen in quick succession. Despite a very cold day a … Continue reading Swan-see ya later

Aberystwyth – more like Aber ist Witz

Report Author: Miro Milanov Game: Southampton Men vs Aberystwyth Men Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 29-0 Date: 17/11/2021 It is not a stretch when I tell you that some of the members of the men’s team have a quite logical fear of Aberystwyth. It is not the Welsh team that brings men to their knees, but rather the road to them. And with that obstacle … Continue reading Aberystwyth – more like Aber ist Witz

Thank UWE very much

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: SUWPC Men’s 1s vs UWE Men’s Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 30-4 Date: 3/11/2021 Upon the eve of Wednesday the 3rd of November, the gentlemen of SUWPC welcomed the University of West England’s men’s water polo to Jubilee Sports Centre. A fixture that, in the past, had often been dreaded by the biggest of all boys. However, upon inspection of UWE’s previous results, there was a … Continue reading Thank UWE very much

Back in Business

By Miro Milanov The first game for SUWPC against Gloucestershire was supposed to happen on the 20th of October. A few hours before the event the boys received a peculiar message from Jubilee officials stating that a large amount of chlorine had been release into the pool. Investigations are still ongoing about whether or not the sabotage could’ve been caused by Gloucestershire out of shear … Continue reading Back in Business