Wandering in Wales

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs Aberystwyth Men’s 1st Score: 13 – 10 Date: 23/11/19 Early on a Saturday morning, 8 of SUWPCs biggest boys and 4 loyal supporters made the pilgrimage to our furthest away opponent this season. They had to travel across rivers and borders to make it to this match, but this journey seemed futile compared to the objective … Continue reading Wandering in Wales

A Good Start

Report by: Alex Wilmshurst Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs Aberystwyth Men’s 1st Score: 16-1 Date: 16/10/19 SUWPC welcomed our furthest away competition in our opening home game of the 2019/2020 BUCS season. With some fresh faces gracing the squad, the boys were eager to get their season going. Not much was known about Aberystwyth, other than its impossible to spell and is a four hour drive … Continue reading A Good Start

“Oh Deer!”—A Bristol defeat.

From the get-go we were not optimistic for the game ahead of us. Meeting at redbrick at 5 for a 2-hour drive to Bristol we quickly realised how few players we had. Alex Wilmshurst had been “spilling his guts” in the toilet the night before, our captain Ali had injured ribs from some galivanting over the weekend and Wardy coming up with an even worse … Continue reading “Oh Deer!”—A Bristol defeat.

A Few Good Men.

Report by: Anton Stephan Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs. Bath Men’s 1st (24/2/2018) Score: 6 – 17 Unlike many of our biggest boy’s games, this was not a match we were overly confident about. Our Captain was away on national league or punching some drunkards, Neil was probably at the gym or pulling some unsuspecting freshers and Brian was once again skipping his course to galivant across the UK … Continue reading A Few Good Men.

Exonian’s fought(een) against Sotonain’s…

Report by: Phil King (Tour Sec.) Game: Southampton vs. Exeter (02/12/17) After a nice afternoons drive, 8 loyal gentlemen were ready for battle against our close rivals Exeter. Cheered on by one or two fans, we knew it was going to be a big game after our previous encounter which resulted in a 9-8 victory. The game started with Ali and Tom scoring a goal each, however, these … Continue reading Exonian’s fought(een) against Sotonain’s…