Men’s 1st vs Southampton City 07/12/2011

On Wednesday our first team boys had yet another big game to play against the very strong 1st team of Southampton City. Once again, the game was tough but for once, full of excitement!

The first quarter of the game did not go as expected, as many mistakes in defence led to five goals being conceded  However, our attack showed some signs of competence and we managed to score 2 goals. The score at the end of the score was 2-5 against our team but thankfully, the game didn’t continue in the same fashion.

During the second quarter our team started its comeback; strong defence coupled with effective attacks  led to only one goal being conceded, by a penalty, and two goals being scored by our side. The score at the end of the quarter was 4-6.

After quite a good 2nd quarter, our squad was really excited and motivated to play. Our team upped the level of pressure in defence, leading to a clean score sheet till the end of the third quarter. Additionally, although the game was becoming fairly physical and demanding, our team was able to score two goals. This levelled the game and set up an exciting 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter started with the our team scoring a goal, giving us a one-goal advantage. However, this only lasted for two minutes, as the City team responded with a goal and only a minute later, another, putting our boys back to even scores. With less than two minutes to go, our team was in a difficult position; all the effort required to fully cover back and defend seemed like it was going to waste. However, a last second penalty was won and fortunately scored. The end result was a 8-8 tie.


6- Panos Logothetis
1- John Pickford
1- Will Divall

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