Ladies’ 1st BUCS 28/01/2012

The 1st game of this year’s BUCS tournament saw Southampton take on Exeter. During the 1st quarter, the two teams were level pegging, with neither side managing to break away. However, Exeter began to pull away in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, leaving the score at 9:1. Despite closing the gap in the 4th quarter, the difference was too great and the game score ended 11:4 to Exeter.

Taking Gloucester Ladies on in the next match, the Southampton girls were more determined than ever to turn things around. Within the 1st 3 minutes Southampton had brought the score line to 3:0. At the start of the final quarter Gloucester were yet to score; however, determined to salvage the game, Gloucester countered faster but couldn’t find enough space to really make a difference – the game 5:2 to Soton.

The 3rd of Southampton’s matches brought Marjons into the pool. Well known for being hot-headed, Marjons played a tight, physical game, giving away a penalty in the 1st minute of the game. With Southampton holding onto a lead throughout the game, a frustrated Marjons started to make desperate fouls. With both teams exhausted by a whole different game occurring underwater, few goals were scored and the game ended at just 4:3 to Southampton.

Southampton’s final match was against Plymouth. In the first 2 quarters, Southampton let their lack of post-exam fitness take its toll, allowing Plymouth to take a 2:1 lead. The score board seemed to kick-start the girls, with everyone working together to make space at the wings and watch for the opposition’s drives, whilst timing the next 6 goals perfectly. Marking tight, and anticipating the swim back when possession changed hands, prevented Soton from conceding any further goals. The final score saw a win for Southampton 2:7.

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