Men’s 1st vs Bournemouth 13/12/2011

The last game of the Men’s 1st team season in 2011 took place in Bournemouth, as part of the Hampshire league. Due to many players missing, having either gone home early or suffered illnesses, we only managed to send a team of 9.

The first quarter of the game was balanced; good defence from our side led to us conceding only one goal, whilst in attack our team was able to score twice from shots by free players. The quarter ended with us leading 1-2.

The second quarter was very strong for our team; with complete control of the game, we scored 4 goals, whilst adjusting our defensive style fairly well to Bournemouth’s attack and conceding only one goal. The score was 2-6 for Southampton at the end of the first half of the game.

As we had only 9 players and seeing that the goal difference was high enough, in the second half our team started concentrating on playing effective defence rather than trying to score. However, this did not mean that no goals would be scored from our side. Our boys scored two goals in the third quarter, but unfortunately conceded two goals. The third quarter ended 4-8.

In the last quarter our team fully concentrated on its defence as a four goal lead seemed quite difficult to overturn, this turned out to be true, with the opposition only managing to score a single goal. The final score was therefore a 5-8 win for our small in number, but big in heart team!

As most of the Hampshire league games this game was fairly physical. However, our knowledge of the game, great teamwork and ability to adjust to the opposing team; led to our victory. It’s worth mentioning that our players were expelled nine times during the game, a large number, which resulted from very controversial refereeing.


2 – Henry Perkins
2 – Will Logothetis
2 – Panos Logothetis
1 – Owen Stephens
1 – Duncan Jenkins

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