A Story Involving Sheep

9th Feburary was the last semi-final match for the Ladies 1sts against Cardiff Met. The journey up was a long one, and we put the time to good use getting information on our opponents. “IT’S A POND?!” Yelled Rosie, as we found a website telling us about Cardiff’s 25m by 4 lane pool, which was only a metre deep in 75% of it. “We’re not … Continue reading A Story Involving Sheep

Ladies 1st Battle Hard at BUC’s

15th February saw the Ladies 1st team travelling to Surrey to play the second round of the BUCS tournament. Having already played Bath and with UCL dropped out of the tournament, we were only looking forward to a manageable two games. The team started preparations early, honing its competitive spirit on the journey down with a game of hold-your-breath-through-the-tunnel, comfortably won by TJ. This put … Continue reading Ladies 1st Battle Hard at BUC’s

Ladies’ 1st BUCS Semi-Finals 26/02/2012

The first game of the tournament literally threw us straight in at the deep end against Exeter – who beat us in the quarter-finals. In the first quarter, Exeter knocked in 6 goals, with their top goal scorer smashing in 4 from pit plays. Southampton countered hard, scoring 3. Trailing 3:6, we marked Exeter’s one talented shooter out of the match, giving us the security in defence to … Continue reading Ladies’ 1st BUCS Semi-Finals 26/02/2012

Men’s 1st BUCS 28/01/2012

On the 28th of January, after as much training as possible due to busy uni schedules, our men’s team had its first tournament (BUCS) and first game of the year. The British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) tournament took place in Bristol University’s double-deep pool. Since last year, our team has been competing in the 1st Division of the tournament – finishing 1st or 2nd … Continue reading Men’s 1st BUCS 28/01/2012

Ladies’ 1st BUCS 28/01/2012

The 1st game of this year’s BUCS tournament saw Southampton take on Exeter. During the 1st quarter, the two teams were level pegging, with neither side managing to break away. However, Exeter began to pull away in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, leaving the score at 9:1. Despite closing the gap in the 4th quarter, the difference was too great and the game score ended … Continue reading Ladies’ 1st BUCS 28/01/2012