Men’s 1st vs Basingstoke 05/02/2012

Hampshire league continued for the men’s 1st team, with a game against Basingstoke. Basingstoke’s team arrived with only 9 players, suggesting they were in for a difficult game, as Soton had a full squad of 13.

The first half of the game was the most challenging for Southampton, as the opposition had some strength to confront our players. However, even then, the Soton lads managed to score 2 goals per quarter and concede only one, in the second quarter. The score before the half time break was 4-1 to Southampton.

The second half of the game was much easier for Southampton, as correct, frequent subbing was taking its toll on the smaller numbers of Basingstoke. The number of goal scoring opportunities from our side increased rapidly, leading to only 5 goals being scored in the 3rd quarter and 4 in the 4th. Our team again conceded only one goal, during the 4th quarter. The final score was 13-2, with only a small number of majors for our team.

The support from whipping girlfriends, club members and friends was very pleasing. A big thanks to the girls for doing the table! We hope you all enjoyed the game and are looking forward to seeing you again, for our next home game on the 8th of February, against our second-in-ranking but first-in-effort men’s 2nd’s team.


4 – Duncan Jenkins
4 – Panos Logothetis
2 – Michael Stephanou
2 – Will Divall
1 – Henry Perkins

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