Bendover Andover

7 of the biggest boys drove to Andover, keen to repay them for our only Hampshire league defeat of the season. We figured 7 would be enough as a certain external factors were not present. Cough an unnamed ref Cough. Someone has obviously tipped the authorities of the inevitable demolishing as they were waiting for us on our arrival. They diverted us into a nearby … Continue reading Bendover Andover

Soton Cods Batter Uni 1st’s

On the 17th of March, the uni 1sts faced the national league team from city (the Cods, who City Scum played for). With Divall having his birthday celebrations with Emma and consequently not attending, and our ‘vice’ captain and next years 1sts captain, Connor, off serving drunks 1p pints; we had a strong team of 9. Also Walton had a case of Waltonitus of the … Continue reading Soton Cods Batter Uni 1st’s

Sharks In the Pool… Men’s 1sts get bitten.

Southampton Uni- 6-10 -Southampton City (sharks) After winning our first game of the season we entered this fiercely competitive fixture, against our Southampton rivals, ‘the city scum’. Being the first game of the Hampshire league we looked to start with a win, but came up short against an 8-man City team, who were much more clinical throughout the game. They found our weaknesses and exploited … Continue reading Sharks In the Pool… Men’s 1sts get bitten.

Men’s 1st vs Hampshire U19’s 07/11/2012

On Wednesday our men’s first team played its opening game in the Hampshire league for 2012/13. The game took place at home in the Jubilee Sports Centre meaning that there was vast support on the side (a big thank you to everyone who came to support). The opposition was a newly formed team composed of the best players aged under 19 in Hampshire. The first … Continue reading Men’s 1st vs Hampshire U19’s 07/11/2012