Ladies’ 1st BUCS Semi-Finals 26/02/2012

The first game of the tournament literally threw us straight in at the deep end against Exeter – who beat us in the quarter-finals. In the first quarter, Exeter knocked in 6 goals, with their top goal scorer smashing in 4 from pit plays. Southampton countered hard, scoring 3. Trailing 3:6, we marked Exeter’s one talented shooter out of the match, giving us the security in defence to push forward. In the second quarter Southampton turned it around, managing to put away 4 more goals, pulling into the lead at 7:6. Keeping up a high tempo, Southampton steamed into the lead, ending the match with a clean sheet quarter, and a convincing win of 12:8.

Diving straight into the next match, Southampton faced up to the tournament host, University College London. By half time, Southampton were leading 5:1. UCL’s best asset was their fitness; however, with Southampton bursting with talent and teamwork, the final score ended at a fantastic 11:5.

Southampton vs Warwick was the last game of the Tournament and the toughest of the day. Warwick used their size advantage and brute force throughout the match to batter through Southampton. Southampton played as a close unit, shutting Warwick down quickly before they were able to set up their plays and countered effectively, setting up an attacking framework. Teamwork vs brute force brought the score to 7:7, at the start of the final quarter. With both teams fighting desperately to win, the score unfortunately ended 8:9 to Warwick.

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