Men’s 1st vs Basingstoke 04/03/2012

Our return away game against Basingstoke took place last Sunday. Having easily won 13-2 at home, this game was more difficult, since we had only 10 players able to travel and no goalie; Will L. (La Bamba) stepped up and assisted the team by playing in his old position for the game.

The first quarter was fairly easy for our team, with no majors given or taken and an easy 1-3 win. However, many goal scoring opportunities were missed during this quarter and a goal was conceded early in the game, but our defence managed to accustom quickly to Basingstoke’s game.

The second quarter was worse for our team, as players lost their calm; hence giving away some majors and generally playing a bad attacking quarter. The score at the end of the first half was 4-5 for our team.

In the third quarter, our team showed great improvement and played sensible water polo. The ball went in the pit at the correct time and place, leading to 4 majors being won. Our return to defend was decently quick; averting the scoring of goals in counter attacks. Our team scored three goals and only conceded one; the score after this quarter was 5-8.

The last quarter was filled with mistakes and lack of rationality for both teams, especially Basingstoke’s. The mistakes came one after the other, with wrong decisions in the attack and sometimes in the defence. However, our boys managed to score 3 goals and let the opposition score only one. The final score was therefore a 7-11 win for Southampton.

APOTHEOSIS OF STUPIDITY went off when a Basingstoke player directly punched Duncan right in the face, giving him a sexy cut on the eyebrow. The Basingstoke player was sent off for brutality and a notice to Hampshire league will be/has been sent.


4 – Duncan Jenkins
3 – Will Divall
3 – Panos Logothetis
1 – Nick Tankov

{Featured image: Flickr/stefuhnee_kay}

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