Men’s 1st vs Exeter 23/02/2013

On Saturday both our men’s and Ladies’ 1st teams played against Exeter University, as part of the U-polo tournament. After a very smooth and exciting trip with Abi and Tankov respectively behind the wheel, we arrived at Exeter. There, many of our players had the opportunity to meet up with their parents and friends, and receive supplies for very difficult Southampton living. On our way back to Southampton, the lucky people that were travelling in the minibus had some delicious brownies care of the Kingsley-Smith family.

Our team managed to have 10 players ready for action. Unfortunately, the game sheet was badly filled in by the Exeter table and so a detailed report of the game cannot be given. According to the game sheet, our goalie (Ben) scored two goals, he is amazing, but there is a limit to how big a player can go. A big milestone for one of the rookies (Tim Walton) was the fact that he managed to score his first one-on-one during a game; the crowd, Tim and the whole team loved it. Special congratulations to Nick Xenakis for managing to play his first full game without getting excluded. The last, but definitely the biggest, highlight of the afternoon was Will Divall’s performance, with him scoring in multiple surprising ways. Shots, counters and strange back-hand shots helped him send the ball to the back of the net 5 times.

The game was much harder than it was, when we played in the beginning of the academic year when we won easily 15-3. However, this did not mean that our team would even come close to losing. Our Stags stayed constantly in the lead, and managed to win the game with 12 goals to 7, as the game sheet shows (although many remember the score being higher: 14-7).

In general, the team has been performing very well recently, and all of the dedicated first team players have shown maturity during all of our games. This has led to us having a great season with only one defeat (against last year’s BUCS champions), a draw and 10 wins. Touch wood, train hard, and more wins are bound to come.

Scorers (information might be incorrect):
5 – Will Divall
3 – Nick Xenakis
1 – Will Logothetis
1 – Tim Walton
1 – Josh Rowland
1 – Panos Logothetis

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