Ladies’ 1st vs Exeter 23/10/13

Wednesday saw the First Team Ladies play the first of their games this year. The run up has been exciting, with a massive recruitment of polo fresh. This has been really encouraging and great motivation to perform well, in addition to a massive turn out of support on the pool side. We had not trained as much as a team before the game, but with all players being SUWPC-returners the teamwork was still there.

On the day, the experience we had playing together (despite some returning from a year out) seemed to be a massive help. Within the first 20 seconds the first goal was secured and that set our spirits high for the rest of the game. The new rules took some getting used to with a couple of majors given against us, but following these we continued with fantastic form. By the end of the first quarter we had given ourself a lead of 3-0.

Into the second quarter and we continued to attack with power. Katie and Amy utilised some fantastic accuracy to score two fantastic goals each, and with another from Abi, the lead was increased to 8-0.

In the third quarter we lost a player due to a nasty shove putting her shoulder out of place, but this failed to dampen our spirits. 12-0 at the end of the quarter was furthered to a massive 15-0 by the end of the game! It should be said that without the great work by Liane, in goal throughout the game, the clean score sheet would not have been kept.


4 – Amy Ennion
4 – Katie Lightowler
2 – Rhiannon Smith
2 – Vicky Gall
1 – Jo Davies
1 – Abi Mudge


1 – Kate Setchell
1 – Amy Ennion
1 – Jo Davies
1 – Abi Mudge

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