Men’s 1sts vs Soton City – 26/11/13

Last Tuesday, the men’s first team took another trip to City’s Quays pool, this
time to face their older, more experienced first team. With our defeat 2 weeks
earlier to City’s younger team, we were keen to give a better performance,
despite the fact that we were playing the stronger and more experienced team.

The first quarter saw a very slow start for the uni team, with 4 goals being
conceeded, with no reply. Despite being disappointed, the team regrouped during
the interval, and set out to better guard against City’s attackers during the
second quarter.

With four man-downs during the second quarter, our defence’s practice during
training shone through, with all of City’s attacks being easily stopped
– a big difference to our previous games! City were only able to score 1 goal,
while Walton put a good shot into the net, and Kingsley-Smith was able to tap
in another saved shot, giving us a 1-2 win in the quarter, and putting the
score at 5-2 overal.

Attacking the shallow end in the third quarter, again, Uni were unable to take
advantage of the large goal, with only a single shot from Costas passing the
goal line. City scored 3 more, taking the score to 8-3 at the end of the

Walton replied to an early City goal with a well-placed shot of his own as the
4th quarter got underway. 3 more city goals went unanswered, before a surpise
Stephens shot from the pit. Disappointingly, after taking a third major,
Stephens had to then sit out the last 3 minutes of the game. A screamer from
halfway by Hogg livened up the final minute, but the game was well out of

Finally, Andreas’ heroic effort in goal should be mentioned – saving many of
City’s shots, despite having a very brusied (broken?!) and taped-up left hand –
SUWPC dedication! Despite another loss, the team played significantly better,
and in particular much more as a team; the wins will come soon if we keep
playing in this way!


2 – Tim Walton
1 – Ben Kingsley-Smith
1 – Connor Hogg
1 – Costas Rontogiannis
1 – Owen Stephens


3 – Owen Stephens
2 – Connor Hogg
1 – Robin Liquorice
1 – Tim Walton
1 – Will Divall

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