Ladies 2nd’s Vs UWE (Home) – 05/11/2014

Ladies 2nd’s vs UWE

This was the ladies 2nd    team first game of the year, first league game in maybe ever, and for most players, their first ever game. It was originally thought to be a friendly, proposed by the opposition, UWE decided for it to be a league match at short notice. Despite the new news, the girls stepped up to the plate.

UWE were a more experienced team, many of their players had come face to face with the ladies 1st team last year. In the first quarter they got a quick start in scoring the first two goals, but afterwards, our defending picked up and we were holding our own. Joanna scored her first goal in the first quarter. There was confusion amongst new players regarding the rules and what the referees were trying to express. For Catherine, she hadn’t realised she had been fouled which resulted in one of the Trevors giving her a major. With improvement on defence, we ended the first quarter on 4-1 to UWE.

Joanna continued to maintain our goal points by scoring a goal in each quarter. UWE’s goal score remained at 3/4 in each quarter. Despite having three more subs then us they did not manage to ware us down in energy as we played consistently well.

In the last quarter, we picked up our game consistently. Two fresh players, Esme and Alison, scored, ending the match at 14-6. As the wise Emperor from Mulan once said; ‘the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all’, being our first match and a difficult one, the ladies 2nd team are all blooming beautiful flowers.The-Emperor-of-China


4-Joanna Kollert

1-Esme Phillips

1-Alison Bushrod


Catherine O’Mahony-1

Esme Phillips-1


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