Wet War II with Weymouth

Southampton 1sts 13-4 Weymouth & Portland

Round 2- Fight

As we all know Weymouth enjoy a bit of rough and tumble in the pool, which is a shame considering if they concentrating more on playing polo they might be a half decent side. But with 14 majors against the Weymouth boys, including 2 players wrapped it was always going to be a struggle for them.

However, as the game kicked off, Weymouth’s dangerous centre forward found the net twice, to take them 2-0 up, as our shots were fired wide or at the keeper, however we still managed to find the net thrice. With so many man-up opportunities you would have thought ‘the stag’ would make a triumphant return, but sadly the famous move is firmly dead and buried (I think it’s time for a re-branding).After the first quarter the game quickly became ours with Southampton finding the net another 10 times with Weymouth only scoring 2 in response.

The new ‘Lefty’ starting making the right wing his own, scoring exquisitely twice. BKS found the net from a well worked man-up move, Weymouth clearly underestimating the speed at which this man can move on the rare occasion. In standard form Charlie scored some goals, while Jason Derulo concentrated more on ruining our beautiful new hats than finding the net, however still managing to fire a beauty from the pit. Divall scored some unbelievable goals, of course. While being outshone by our one and only squatting cutie that is Alex Perry, who played outstanding throughout the match, creating turnovers and finished off a beautiful move, with a top corner bounce shot that almost took the roof off the net #biggestboy. The Hogg scored as well, but I can’t remember that one, sorry mate, I’m sure it was lovely.

Special mentions go to the fabulous support, who create an amazing atmosphere to play in, there appeared to be a lot of screaming/cheering from the stands, but this may have just been the girls wooing over biggest boy Malcolm #whatastud

Man of the Match– Alex ‘Cutie’ Perry

Dick of the Day– Nicely awarded to Weymouth by our lovely Female TJ

Goal Scorers

  • Roberts- 4
  • Divall-3
  • Lefty-2
  • BKS, Perry, Hogg, Derulo- 1

Major Kings

  • Roberts, Horlock, Derulo-1

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