Domination Pt 2 (2 years later…)

Report Author: Natalia Tsouka

Game: SUWPC Women’s 1s vs Essex

Location: Jubilee Sports Centre

Score: 25-3

Date: 21/11/2021

SUWPC women’s team return to the pool for their third match of the season against Essex. For the first time in the season, we did not have a full 13 player team, with only 10 being able to make it and many complaining of being tired and not really wanting to be there in the first place. Not really a great start to the evening. However, after a quick pep talk from our captain Katie and the assumption that this was going to be an easy game (based on performance from previous years) no one was disheartened, and the girls were finally allowed to get into the changing rooms. After letting the boys set up the pool for us, a quick warm up followed, and then it was game time with SUWPC defending on the shallow end.

With Abbie winning the swim off and Natalia scoring in the first 14 seconds the game was now off to a good start. Just a minute later, captain Katie stole the ball between a bad pass from Essex and Abbie made a break for it, scoring her first of many goals to come. Another was scored by Natalia, and after a relatively easy save for goalie Antonia, Katie made a break for it but was fouled in the pit, gaining a penalty, and then eventually scoring. A few more goals were scored by the SUWPC women’s team; one from Katie, three from Abbie, including one where the ball hit the inside top bar of the goal, the goalie in the face, and then went in the net, and another was scored by Jess, making it her first of the season. During an attack by Essex the SUWPC girls gave them several fouls with Georgia getting her first ever major (luckily, she knew what to do and where to go, not many freshers do), with a man down, goalie Antonia made a spectacular save maintaining Essex’s score at a steady 0. Another 2 goals followed, by Abbie and Katie (from the halfway line) ending the first quarter at 11-0 for SUWPC.

Second quarter started off with a few more goals from Katie, Charlotte, and Abbie. Coach Naomi then started to sub out some of the more experienced players to see how the others would cope. This led to Essex scoring their first goal but with a lead of 14-1 it was honestly nothing to worry about and was quickly answered by a goal from Katie, and then 2 goals from Meg, ending the quarter with 17-1.

With this comfortable lead coach Naomi instructed to try to slow things down and practice setting up an actual arc, while captain Katie wanted to get everyone on the score card and started passing a lot more instead of shooting straight into their goal. Third quarter started off with another goal from Abbie. Then Lucia also got her first major which gave the girls a chance to successfully practice a man down scenario. Few minutes later, another goal was scored by (surprise, surprise) Abbie and then one by Lucia. Close to the end of the quarter Essex managed to get in their second goal and soon after in a desperate attempt to stop Meg from scoring, they drowned her and got a major, starting the last quarter with a man down. 

In the final quarter, after a long game of being cold and doing drills to stay warm in the goal, Antonia decided to swap with Charlotte so that she could practice being outfield. A few more goals were scored by Natalia, Meg, Abbie, and Antonia! In the very last minute, Essex made their last goal ending the game at 25-3 for SUWPC. The task of making everyone in the team score was unfortunately not achieved by Oceani and Georgia even though several great attempts were made. 

With spirits high the traditional photos were taken in the pool and the girls headed off to Stag’s for a few drinks!

Man of the match – Abbie, for scoring 10 goals!

Dick of the day – Honestly no one, everyone played exceptionally (but maybe the girl from Essex with long nails that scratched everyone)  

Name – Goals/Majors:

Antonia Nield – 1/0

Lucia Ciardo – 1/1

Abbie Turner – 10/0

Jess Wooley – 1/0

Megan Harvey – 3/0

Oceani Jayasekera – 0/0

Katie MacGill – 5/0

Georgia Skelton – 0/1

Charlotte Ratledge – 1/0

Natalia Tsouka – 3/0

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