Return to Hants

Report Author: Daniel Ammon (mostly)

Game: Southampton Men vs Basingstoke Men

Location: Jubilee Sports Centre

Score: 11-14

Date: 23/10/22

A long, long time ago, SUWPC men played in Hampshire league. They finally made their almost-gracious return on Sunday 23rd November 2022. 13 Soton blokes gathered at Jubilee for a home game against Basingstoke.

Starting the game on good stride, Finn Thomas won the swim off against Basingstoke followed by a goal shortly after by Sam Dalton. On the defence, Howard Teng gets the first exclusion of the game resulting in a goal for Basingstoke. Teng then gets a second exclusion in quick succession, leading to a shot and a brilliant block by goalkeeper, Michael Scott. The unstoppable Scott successfully saves 2 more back-to-back shots from Basingstoke. Southampton captain, Daniel Ammon, then scores in the sixth minute putting Southampton ahead. Tensions were high as Basing equalised one minute later. Adam Draper of Southampton was excluded in the final minute with Southampton showing good defence and foiling Basingstoke’s attack, keeping the score equal at the end of the quarter with 2-2.

The second quarter starts off slow with Til Jordan getting the first major from swimming over someone’s shoulders, however, a goal is avoided when Basingstoke hits the post. A minute after, Dalton shoots only to be blocked by the keeper causing a corner. Dalton receives the ball again and slings in the goal from pit attack, straight over the keeper’s head. Feeling embarrassed, Basingstoke then proceeds to score four goals to redeem themselves, ending the first half at 3-6.

Quarter three began with two goals in one minute by Basingstoke. One of Basingstoke’s players, feeling overly confident, pulls back Edward Wilkes while he’s trying to swim in front of the referee causing him to get a major. He then forgets he needs to get out of the pool causing him to get a second major. Soton supporters showed some sympathy and screamed at him to get his legs out the water to avoid a final major. However, the man was determined and finally gets a third exclusion for improper re-entry (he dove in at the shallow end???) – three majors in one minute. Basingstoke took out their anger by pinging three goals into the back of the net and ending the quarter 3-11.

Heading into the last quarter, Soton earned a man-up and Vincenzo Bancale gets his name on the score sheet by shooting above the goalkeeper on his weak side. Basingstoke responds with a backhand goal – Dalton, annoyed at Basingstoke’s cocky trick shot, took the opportunity to fling in another effortless shot. Basingstoke returned the favour with another goal. Finn, after a little pep-talk, remembered he can shoot and scored two goals within one minute. After realising Finn was catching up with his goal record, Dalton scored two more goals himself – the guy is desperate for man of the match (and has a very good shot). Basingstoke retaliated with one more, but our Soton boys were determined to have the last word so Finn and Dalton scored the final two goals of the day. Miraculously, the boys had managed 8 goals in the final quarter, bringing a tense audience to the edge of their seats. The game ends 11-14 to Basingstoke.

Man of the Match

Finn Thomas

Names – Goals/ Majors

Michael Scott – 0/0

Vincenzo Bancale – 1/0

Sam Dalton – 6/0

Finn Thomas – 3/0

Edward Wilkes – 0/0

Adam Draper – 0/0

Daniel Ammon – 1/0

James Popple – 0/0

Alex Wilmshurst – 0/0

Woody Cho – 0/0

Til Jordan – 0/1

Howard Tenj – 0/2

Nathan Dimon – 0/0