We LoSE This Time

Report Author: Daniel Ammon

Game: Southampton Men vs LSE

Location: Jubilee Sports Centre

Score: 12-15

Date: 9/11/22

Almost half an hour early, Southampton’s biggest boys were poolside, warming up and preparing for an intense match against LSE (who took their time to arrive). The first quarter began with Finn winning the swim-off and a near-miss shot by Nathan. The first goal, however, is made by LSE after a counterattack; infuriated, Sam Dalton takes a foul and bounces a shot into their net. LSE scores another, so Aussie Mat responds by drowning their pit attack and giving away a penalty – which is thwarted by Michael. Finn receives the ball in the final minute, bouncing it over their keeper’s head only to be followed by another goal from LSE to end the quarter at 2-3. 

The second quarter commenced with Finn winning the swim-off once again. This confidence is quickly shaken up when a miscommunication with the referee leads to a goal from LSE, leaving all the Soton boys baffled. After several laps up and down the field, one of LSE’s smallest boys pulls Omar back while swimming and gets excluded – which leads to a good setup and goal by Mat. After LSE counters again and scores, Omar finds himself in pit attack – he gets the ball and puts it in their goal where it belongs. Following another exclusion, Howard gets the ball and scores, equalizing for a moment. That was short-lived, as LSE score another goal but Soton only manage another major for Mat. The second quarter ends 5-6.

Quarter three had an upsetting start as Finn lose the swim-off, leading to an LSE goal. Omar was forced to retaliate with a goal in the top corner. LSE responded with two more, so Omar pinged in another too. Sam receives his first exclusion of the game, allowing LSE to score in their man-up. With hurt pride, both Omar and Sam redeem themselves with goals in quick succession. Apparently, LSE wasn’t happy with this, as their captain swore at our lovely referee – seems like someone forgot we record our matches! Anticipating a counterattack, Sam leaves his defender a bit too early which leads to a goal, motivating Omar to shoot across the goal for a beautiful post-in. The quarter ends 10-12.

Restoring his reputation in the final quarter, Finn won the swim-off. LSE scores twice before Finn drives with the ball, scoring under the keeper’s arms. Thinking the final quarter was too slow, the LSE captain punches Dan starting a captain-on-captain brawl as Dan realised he tried to drown one of our players prior. Defending our honour, Dan delivers several jabs underwater to show them why they shouldn’t mess with Southampton’s biggest captain (which luckily was not seen by the referee). In the final 15 seconds of the match Omar receives the ball and yet again scores in the top corner, shocking the LSE keeper and bringing the match to a close at 12-15. 

Man of the match – Michael Scott for flying around the goal to stop counterattacks and a penalty. 

Dick of the day – Daniel Ammon for fighting the captain and almost getting a brutality. 

Names – Goals/Majors

Michael Scott – 0/0

Vincenzo Bancale – 0/0

Ed Wilkes – 0/0

Omar Tawakol – 6/2

Mathew Hughes – 1/2

James Popple – 0/0

Sam Dalton – 3/1

Alex Wilmshurst – 0/0

Miro Milanov – 0/0

Finn Thomas – 2/0

Howard Teng – 1/0

Nathan Dimond – 0/0


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