Men’s 1st vs Weymouth/Portland 07/03/2012

On Wednesday our big boys had the return match against the Weymouth/Portland team. Due to many last minute casualties and injured players, the Southampton team had to play with only 11 players. However, the Weymouth team had brought only 10 people so the problem wasn’t that significant.

In the first quarter, our team played very good, tight defending, with very good “doubling” and Call Of Duty dropping (some tactics have to remain secret!). With a quick counter-attack and a good use of a man up, the guys managed to score two goals; leading to a 2-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter that followed was equally good, with three goals being scored from our side and one being scored from Weymouth during a man up attack. Our attacks on the deep end showed consistency, and the team managed to effectively use the advantages given by majors. The score at half time was 5-1.

With the safety of a 4 goal lead, and us attacking on the unfavourable shallow end, it was decided that the team would try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible, as there was no running clock. This tactic worked, and only one goal was scored by the opposition which was responded to with a penalty for Southampton. The score at the end of the quarter was 6-2.

In the last quarter the game became a bit more open, with more majors and goals taking place. The wet-dream team lost this quarter as it only managed to score two goals and conceded 3. The final score was therefore 8-5.

Support from the crowded poolside was very encouraging and was definitely an incentive for the lads to give their 100%. A great thank you to the girls and boys for taking the time to do the table for the game.

3 – Panos Logothetis
2 – Will Divall
2 – Will Logothetis
1 – John Pickford

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