Men’s 1st Lady Richmond Brown Tournament 19/05/2012

Last Saturday the annual LRB tournament took place. As is the case every year, the date chosen for the tournament was uncomfortably close to the exam, meaning that we had to defend the trophy with many absences, with only 9 players managing to come.

The first, and most serious, game was against Southampton City. The game was quite balanced at the beginning, with the score in the first quarter (full game was 2 quarters= 14 mins actual game) being 3-2 for us. However, in the second quarter our team managed to score 5 more goals while conceeding only one. Leading to a 8-4 final score for our team.

After this game, which was the most critical, our team had to play against Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Andover, in that order. The corresponding final scores were 5-3 win against Basingstoke, 4-0 win against Portsmouth and 4-1 win against Andover.

With 4 wins our team “conquered” for a second time the LRB trophy!

Scorers for the day:
5 – Will Logothetis
5 – Panos Logothetis
4 – Alex Nedu
3 – Duncan Jenkins
2 – John Pickford
1 – Josh Rowland
1 – Will Divall

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