Thrown in the Deep End

Report by: Alexandra Ainscow (Ladies’ 1sts Captain) Game: Southampton vs. Barts and The London (30/10/16) Sunday afternoon we set off at 3.30pm, and despite assuming that 2.5 hours was enough time to get to London, I was wrong (sorry Shitbadge – you were right). We arrived and within the minute were in the pool, with everything that was planned for the match thrown out the … Continue reading Thrown in the Deep End

Southampton 2nds vs. Basingstoke Bluefins 2nds (30/10/16)

Report by: A. Taylor-Rose (Men’s 2nds Captain) Luckily for the mighty SUWPC Men’s Seconds, whilst the Men’s First were on their long tretrious 3 hour car journey up to Swansea early Sunday morning, we were probably all strolling in from a Saturday night at Switch or in bed still asleep. Thankfully our fixture was at 8PM and we were home. Our first opponents were Basingstoke, … Continue reading Southampton 2nds vs. Basingstoke Bluefins 2nds (30/10/16)

Southampton 1sts vs. Swansea (30/10/2016)

Report  by: Christian Laurent We departed so early it was still dark. The brave men in Anton’s car were understandably on edge, travelling in such treacherous conditions. The dark literally scared the shit out of Anton such that he needed a poo at the Shell Garage just 1 mile from campus. Luckily, Anton’s car is made from sturdy metal, so it should do pretty well … Continue reading Southampton 1sts vs. Swansea (30/10/2016)

Navy sunk as Soton cruise to victory

Third game in five days (with a training session in between). It’s fair to say fatigue would definitely be an issue at this point. For any other team this may be true, but not for the herculean seconds who laugh at the concept of physical limitations. This is a good thing because we were up against a physically strong team in their own backyard. We … Continue reading Navy sunk as Soton cruise to victory